Subject: Re: Old Sun 3 hardware
To: None <>
From: schaecsn <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/01/2006 10:32:33
Hi folks,

I have a sun 3/110 including monitor (part number 365-10000-01) to give away for free in Santa Clara, CA.

It worked the last time I booted it - maybe 4 years ago. The monitor is a little bit fuzzy, but one can definately read from it.

  LG Stefan

> From: Michael Bergman <>
> Precedence: list
> Hi, folks.  I have a couple of empty Sun3 chassis, and also some VME 
> drive control boards and matching drives (in their matching 
> floor-standing cabinets).  Also an old, somewhat dim, but working 
> (when last used, several years ago) color "high res" 21" monitor.
> Worth a separate line, the chassis for a SunArray.  Stands about 6' 
> tall, 3' wide (though it's a standard 19" rack on the inside).  On 
> wheels.
> I also have most or all of a Cognex 4400 VME-based vision system, and 
> a lot of floppies with the development system, as well as 
> documentation.  No camera, but I think it will work with any standard 
> NTSC camera.  Some of the s/w and docs seem to be for a DOS based 
> system; I didn't read through it all to make sure that I have stuff 
> that matches the hardware, but I think I do and that the DOS stuff 
> was for the successor system (the 5x00 series).
> All this stuff is in Waltham.  The only stuff I am *urgently* trying 
> to get rid of are the Sun3 chassis, which will probably go to the 
> recycling center next week if I don't find a taker for them.