Subject: Re: sun3 (sunos!) archive - compat testing, anyone? :)
To: None <>
From: Martin Etteldorf <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/07/2006 18:56:06

> just in case you want a recent perl, openssl, ntp, gcc and whatnot,
> and if you aren't afraid to run it under the sun3 sunos compatibility,
> here's a cool link for you:
> (Yes, this is from the guy that I mentioned in my blog recently :)

Thanks for mentioning it. Some comments, though: (maintained by Heiko Krupp) is the master site,
Peter Koch's site has a mirror of
as well as some additional docs and info.

Currently I'm in contact with both Peter and Heiko and they kindly
host the packages I'm building. Unfortunately, both don't always
have the time to put the packages online as soon as I am finished,
so both sites will always be a few days to weeks behind what I'm
building. I'll try to get a shell-account on at least, so
I can put the packages online by myself.

A view on what will come next:
- some news/mail/www/ftp stuff (already online at
- a more recent vim
- some minor patches to the packages which are already online
- X11R6.8 ("make World" started at Fri Apr  7 18:04:26 MET DST 2006)
- OpenMotif 2.something
- A cross compiling environment for *BSD x86 machines (will take some
  time, though).
- gcc 3.4.something, if I really don't know what to do with my spare
   time. 3.2.3 took me already over a week of fixing and patching.

Feel free contact me any time if you have questions or comments on
the packages, but keep in mind it's just fun for me and as my machine
is running Sun OS 4.1.1U1 there'll be no guarantee of any kind that
everything is working on NetBSD as it's supposed to -- I just don't
have the opportunity  to do testing on NetBSD as well.

BTW: If someone has a spare CG4 or CG6 for the 3/80 lying around
and wants to part with it:
I'm going to need one once X11 is finished.

Greetings from Luxembourg!