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Ra[t]es dropped this week ... Jump on it!

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There are more checks at the statue.The latter include a device that blows air through clothing and tests for evidence of explosive particles. The State of Liberty is among the first sites with the technology.On September 11, 2001, the second of two hijacked jetliners skimmed low over the statue just seconds before crashing into the World Trade Center's south tower, 11/2 miles away. The 12 acres of Liberty Island were closed to the public for two months after the attacks.Most of the 152-foot copper figure was sealed off to visitors and will remain so.But visitors may choose between two tours: a walk around the promenade atop the star-shaped fort on which the statue stands or an elevator ride inside the pedestal to the calf level of the figure, about 10 stories high, to gaze upward through a glass partition at the steel girders and armatures holding it together and view the harbor panorama from a narrow observation deck.Also reopened is a museum inside the base that details the history of the Statue of Liberty, including such artifacts as the original lit-from-within torch, which was replaced during a 1986 renovation with a gilded version lit from outside.Parkinson said the government "has not foreclosed" the idea of eventually reopening the statue's body so visitors could once again climb to the crown, but safety factors make that unlikely.