Subject: Sun P4 frame buffer support
To: None <>
From: Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/31/2003 20:09:21
Hi all.

I'm new here and have a question...

I have a 3/80 with a cg8 P4 framebuffer (24 bit color ! .. I didn't even
know that such a frambuffer had existed for Sun3).

It seems that NetBSD 1.6.1 for Sun3/3x only supports bw2, cg3, and cg4

There is code in the sparc version for the support of the P4 cg8

What was most "irrirating" is the GENERIC config file includes uncommentable
lines for the cg6 and cg8, although neither are supported.

I would think that the cgeight.c from the sparc port should do the trick ?

But I'm not precisely sure about how to bring this ofer.  Looks like
you have to instruct the config about the address of the framebuffer.
I assume this may not be the same between the sparc and sun3 line ?

Anyone ever try this... this would be really nice to do, as X11R6 supports
the cg8 (or it appears to).

I also plan to update my motherboard to accept Boot Rom 3.0.3 and put in
64 Meg of RAM....  I'm also going to look into upgrading to a 68030-33 or
68030-40.  The mainboard supports running the FPU already at 20 or 40, so
that part is easy... just need to iron how out that works and see if it
can be adpoted for the cpu clock as well.  That would make it the "ultimate
3/80" (24 bit framebuffer, 64mb of ram, and 40 mhz cpu/fpu).

First I'd like to get the cg8 working.

Anyone ever work on this, or give me clues as to how to try the sparc cg8
support on the sun3 ?

I'm not "afraid" of C, kernel stuff, etc... I know C well, I did do some
driver patch merges once when I worked for Sun... but that was for a
filesystem driver (hsfs)... not an actual device.


  -- Curt