Subject: Re: Sun 3/80s and Networking
To: Rick Sustek <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/16/2003 10:04:36
> use the arp command to dump ARP tables and look for suspicions or
> correctness
> there should be an entry for every IP destination you have attempted to
> contact
> via the Ethernet interface

That there is, I can use arp -a to see the MAC addresses of each machine I
ping while the interface is working. When the network stops working,
however, arp -a doesn't yield a result. I see traffic transmitted on the
hub, but none of it seems to be able to get anywhere.

> use the ifconfig command to verify status of your Ethernet interface

shows status: active

> use the netstat command (with -i ???) to look at interface statistics

I did a ping for 14 times, the first one went through, then netstat -i
showed 18 ierrs. So, the packets are transmitting correctly but not

> use the lamps (LEDs) on all the hub gear to see whom is/is not
> transmitting

As far as the lamps are concerned, all seems to be ok. Both lights flicker
on a ping, even when the interface stops functioning.

> then check receive statistics at various machines to see if counts are
> increasing;

Until the interface stops working, yes. After that, the ierr count on the
Sun3's interface just increases.

> make sure you have at least one known good PC/workstation/gizmo on your
> little LAN to generate traffic and examine receive stats on


> check your routing tables! Perhaps the outbound traffic no longer is being
> routed to the correct interface

route get default hangs after the interface dies, but behaves correctly
before that.

> Have fun,
> Rick