Subject: Re: Sun 3/80s and Networking
To: Zach Lowry <>
From: Rick Sustek <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/09/2003 06:37:01
This group has been quiet for awhile!


Some tips to gather info:

use the arp command to dump ARP tables and look for suspicions or 
there should be an entry for every IP destination you have attempted to 
via the Ethernet interface

use the ifconfig command to verify status of your Ethernet interface

use the netstat command (with -i ???) to look at interface statistics

use the lamps (LEDs) on all the hub gear to see whom is/is not transmitting
then check receive statistics at various machines to see if counts are 
make sure you have at least one known good PC/workstation/gizmo on your
little LAN to generate traffic and examine receive stats on

check your routing tables! Perhaps the outbound traffic no longer is being
routed to the correct interface

Have fun,