Subject: RE: Silliness with Serial Console
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From: Zach Lowry <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/22/2003 22:26:24
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I have a 3/60. It says:

The pattern is shown right to left, as it appears on the LEDs.

So, in that case, if I were looking at the LEDs, then the right one
would be bit '0' in your diagram. Therefore, the LED that is actually
on in my case if the '7' bit, which simply means tests have found an
error. That's not terribly descriptive, Sun. :)

These LEDs flash within a second though, I see bit 0 light up, then
bit 1, etc. Until it reaches bit 7, where it stays. Nothing ever
comes in on the serial line, even with the Diag switch, and the LED's
status never changes. 

I'm beginning to think that this guy has bit the dust. :-(

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> Subject: RE: Silliness with Serial Console
>    Which LED is which depends on the model. For example, the LEDs 
> on a 3/50
> are numbered one direction, and on a 3/60 they're numbered the
> other way. Find the 501- part number for your CPU board and look it
> up in the Sun Hardware Reference, either
> or 
> sunref4.html.
> Because of this confusion, I made a point of indicating for each
> board which end of the LEDs was 0. It's at the beginning of each
> listing, in the paragraph which describes the connectors on the
> back of the board.  
>    --James B.

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