Subject: Re: Sun3/50 remote boot
To: None <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/23/2001 22:58:53
I've boot 1.5.x on my 3/50's. Painfully slow at times but it does work. Just
add lots of swap and expect to page a bunch.


>>> Question1: Will Netbsd work on this system?
>Well...FSVO "work".  I wouldn't want to try to do anything significant
>in 4M.  (And yes, port-sun3 is really the correct place to ask.  Note
>Cc: and Reply-To:.)
>>> Question3: Will it be powerful enough to run X, as well as working
>>> as a basic Sendmail/Pop3 server for 3 users
>My guess is, probably not, unless you have the third-party RAM upgrade.
>If you really do have only 4M, go with the oldest OS you can possibly
>stand to run - the newer it is, the bigger it is, in general; stripping
>everything unnecessary out helps, but the newer OSes are still usually
>bigger than the older ones.
>>> (I don't know how much RAM is in this thing, but is processor speed
>>> an issue assuming there's enough RAM)?
>> Probably 4M.  These machines were sold in fixed configuration, and
>> there was no way to add RAM from Sun.  There was third-party RAM
>> upgrade available, though.  I think it was by removing the RAM chips
>> from the motherboard and pluggin in a dauther board in place.
>I saw one once that had an upgrade installed.  It wasn't done by
>removing the RAM; the RAM was soldered in place.  It was done by
>pulling two of the large chips - memory controller, I think, and one
>other.  (MMU maybe?)  The daughterboard plugged into those two sockets
>and had two sockets for the chips to get moved into, plus some SIMM
>sockets and I think a little additional logic.
>Of course, there may be multiple variants of the -3/50 memory upgrade
>kit; I've seen only the one example.
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