Subject: Re: SCSI mostly...
To: None <,>
From: Andy Bowers - UK Performance Centre <Andy.Bowers@Sun.COM>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/04/2001 15:40:02
	memory boards !


Sun-3/260/280 & Sun-4/260/280

501-1102 [8MB ECC] 


501-1254 [32MB ECC] 
501-1576 [16MB ECC] 

Sun-3/460/470/480 & Sun-4/260/280

501-1451 [32MB ECC] 
501-1576 [16MB ECC] 

How did you pull off the 128MB?  I have 4*8M in my /280, and AFAIK that's
the largest ram card produced by Sun for this model.  There is one or two
hints about aftermarket ram cards, but nothing like a name or mfgr
anywhere that I could see.  I'd been meaning to ask about this for a while
now, and this semed like the perfect opportunity.