Subject: Sun 3/50 Ham Radio.
To: None <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/31/2001 09:56:42
Hello Alan!

  AP> Got a sun3 given to me a week or so ago and got NetBSD
    > and Xwindows working on it after some hassle. It is an
    > unexpanded beast (4Mb) with no local disk (yet, I have
    > the box and cables etc..).

Doesn't it thrash the disk horribly trying to run X (or
X Window, never 'Xwindows' ;-) ?  I'd welcome the input of
people more experienced with NetBSD than I am, but my gut
feeling would be to run it without X.

  AP> I was wondering how NetBSD shapes upto the world of
    > AX25, as I would like to use this machine as an AX25
    > sort of router for HAM packet radio.

I can't comment on NetBSD's AX25 support, but if this
machine is going to be left on all the time (and if you're
paying the electricity bill :-) you might like to think
about finding a 3/80 or something.  It's slightly faster,
more expandable and seems to use less power (I only have the
processor card power consumption figures though).

73, Andy KB9YLW