Subject: Re: installboot on sun3
To: None <>
From: Ben <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/23/2001 20:40:43
On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 22:33:07 -0700 (MST), you wrote:

%Since disklabel doesn't install a proper bootblock, I need to install
%a bootblock that can be used by the miniroot on /dev/sdob for
%Having just discovered that the man pages for installboot don't seem=20
%to tell the whole story, how and where on sd0 do I install a
%so that I can boot the miniroot, so that I can install NetBSD 1.5?

That's the same problem I encountered.

What I did was to set up a full netboot. That means that my Sun3x
booted to multiuser mode over a network.

Then I ran disklabel to partition the local hard disk. I created a
single partition for / and then 64M partition for the swap file.

After that, I did a dd (follow the miniroot install instructions) to
write the miniroot to the swap partition (sd0b). Of course, prior to
that, I had copied the miniroot file to a place where my sun3x could
access it once I had logged in as root.

After that, I rebooted and booted from the sd0b partition. I can't
remember if it ended up as sd(0,1,0) or sd(0,2,0).

Let me know if you need more clarity.


%I have partitioned the disk with disklabel, and I used dd to copy the
%miniroot to /dev/rsd0b. While running in nfsboot mode I can mount the
%/dev/sd0b partition and see that it is all there. However, when I try
%to boot from sd(,,1) I get:
%no disklabel=20
%device not found
%What am I doing wrong?
%Thanks in advance.