Subject: Re: 501-1105 FPA
To: Robert F Schaefer <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/07/2001 08:24:17
On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 11:08:43AM -0500, Robert F Schaefer wrote:

 > I understand that part, I was wondering how much of an advantage one would
 > provide.  Obviously, the board would be able to operate in tandem with the
 > onboard FPU, but is it significantly faster than it?  Or, does it just do
 > complex functions like vector math?  My ignorance is showing, I think.  :)

I honestly don't know, as I never had one, but it MUST be faster, or
else they wouldn't have sold it :-)  I'll try to find a day to go out
to my storage place and hunt though my wall of Sun manuals (I think I
still have them) -- there might be a Sun3 FPA board manual in there.

 > I'd love to see anything you have on the board!  I think I would be
 > interested in coding the driver.  Or, at least, I'll give it a shot.  I do
 > have two spares, so if you know someone who might be a better choice for
 > this project, lemme know, I'll ship them my spares.

Ok, let me do some digging.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>