Subject: Re: Sun3/80 Error Message
To: Ben <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/01/2001 19:19:34
On Mon, 1 Jan 2001, Ben wrote:

> Hi folks, I finally got down to netbooting my Sun 3/80 machine.
> It starts up fine : I get the spinning cursors followed by:
> Starting Program at 0x4000
> Error (PSR = 0x203) Bus Error:
> Vaddr : 01234567, Paddr:00000567, Write, FC 5, Size 2 at 0xFEFE081A
> Does anyone know what error this is indicative of? Could this be a bad
> hardware thing?
Probably got a bad executable and tried to execute it. The Vaddr looks
very suspicious! If you give my a copy of you config I can try and run it
on the 3/80 in the basement (I've not run it in a very long while so be
patient with me)