Subject: boot problems!
To: None <>
From: root <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/04/2000 14:56:23
hy, =

i try to install Netbsd on a SS10 with two 1xGB disks, but there is a
big problem:

on sd@3 runs Solaris, the other disk is formated and partitioned. I made
the following: =

i loaded the miniroot via ftp to my linux-pc, than i made a gunzip
(under linux) and than i transfered all the files to  my SS10, than i
made "dd if=3D... of=3D/swap_partion_2ndDisk bs=3D32k and i get the recor=
an out message, and everything looks fine!

but: i cant boot from this partition with "boot disk swap_partition"
the  and i don=B4t know why!!??? it alway writes the same massages: =

file not executable
Bad filename

its Bootprom Vers. 2 =

what went wrong ??
please help me - SOS

Thomas M.