Subject: Re: 3/4xx
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/20/1999 22:31:45

      What are people actually running NetBSD/sun3 1.4 on? What has really
   been tested a lot? So far, it looks like the 3/50 and 3/60 have had most of
   the bugs worked out, but some of my systems require more memory than that,
   or a second ethernet port. Has 1.4 been exercised on 3/1xx or 3/2xx systems
   to any great extent? (Is the ECC memory support implemented for 3/2xx'es?)
   How is support for the 3/80?

      Thanks for putting up with my little rant.


I am running 1.4_ALPHA on a 3/80.  I have not updated that particular
machine to anything newer, yet, nor have I even tried to boot a newer
kernel as a test.  For what it is worth, I have noticed that the sw driver
for my 4/110 is kind of messed up right now.  Also, with the odd
happenings from time to time with the ie driver [the 4/110 will net boot
and run mostly fine, however, any console traffic will cause the ie driver
to get a little unhappy.  It might be *any* serial port traffic, but I
don't know for sure].

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