Subject: Re:
To: Todd Whitesel <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/14/1999 09:46:42
> Okay, it's up, I hope you have space on another disk to unpack it all.


It is on  for anyone that wants it by ftp.
Perhaps someone could/would move a copy over to the offical arch tree?

> BTW How important are the source tarballs to everyone? I already include
> the checkout date tag and the cvs diff, so if everyone has anoncvs access
> set up then there's probably no reason for me to upload source tars.

Until a formal release comes out, I would like to have the source tarball
with the binaries.  Some of us use the machines at home, were the net
does not really exist directly.  Thus, I have to roll tapes or carry
a laptop to get the stuff onto the home intranet, which can be up or
down or somewhere in-between depending upon the state of the basement
*nix pit, what cables I reach for, etc.......(:+\\......  Everything
needed to get a bare machine up, is best, in my book.

Now, what about boot tapes that will bring this up?  Can you/someone?
make a ramdisk kernel, bootblocks, miniroot, etc., for a working boot
tape, or can anyone on the official crew help you with that?

On another tangent....

Did someone see the si.c source that came over the sun-rescue list from
Herr Koch?  I am expecting it may have come out of the sun3 archives of
his.  It may be for a sun2 or sun3 controller, but it might be worth
checking out to see if anything in the NetBSD si.c needs some fixing.
The sun4 scsi is rather broken in my hands, and in several others that
are trying to get sun4 vme boxes up.  I am expecting the code might
be usable to add in the mystical sun2 driver for those of us with really,
really old hardware.  Whomever is maintaining the sun3 or sun4 vme scsi
driver code, might want to have a lookiesee at it.  I am assuming it
might be useful.  I am hoping it is useful.  We need to optimize/fix/
tweak the vme scsi drivers a bit, IMHO.  IFF I can get a stable working
machine up, I may take a jab at it (he says, keeping fingers well crossed,
rubbing the rabbit's foot, and incanting the jargon file at midnight under
the full moon on the moors......).