Subject: Re:
To: Marc Schneiders <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/07/1999 12:51:10
> > Send me that tarball by ftp to in the incoming directory,
> > and I will set it up for general anonymous ftp.  Several folks are
> > interested in trying it.
> > 
> Would it be possible to post a message, what is in the tar? This way
> we avoid downloading MB's that prove useless to a particular user
> afterwards.
> I myself am looking for a snapshot with the DISKLESS3X kernel. If that
> isn't there it is useless to me, as I only have a diskless 3/80.

Sure, I will keep the full tarball around, and unroll it into the tree,
and then post a note when that is done.  I really ought to be also
unrolled on in the arch tree?


(Diskless 3/80... hmmm, you need to find a spare 1 gig scsi drive or two
 and flesh out the machine..... It probably is pretty skinny diskless!).