Subject: Re: slow Sun3 make builds
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/04/1999 22:56:32
In article <>,
Manuel Bouyer <> wrote:
>Actually the berkeley make has parallelising capabilities, and the NetBSD build
>system can use it.
>The problem is that it will start all commands on the same host.
>We could either modify make to have it rsh the command to another host,
>or change the various commands to execute on a pool of machine is a
>round-robind fasion (sh wrapper would be enouth).
>I think the first solution is the best, can if done rigth could even be
>integrated back in the NetBSD make.
>The only problem is that the source tree needs to be shared among all machines
>(from a NFS server), so doing this over the whole internet is not a solution.

To add to this, pmake used the "customs" daemon to spawn jobs to remote
machines, and the code is still there. Problem with customs is security
of course. I was thinking of adding it to packages, but I changed my mind
because of that.