Subject: Re: slow Sun3 make builds
To: Stan Voket <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/04/1999 16:16:37
On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 07:20:12PM -0500, Stan Voket wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> Recently there has been much discussion n the very slow "make build"
> times. It seems that remaking the OS is an application for a parallel make
> scheme. I would be uncertain how to implement this but I'd like to
> stimulate discussion. Perhaps if the make build could be distributed among
> several machines on a LAN then it could be distributed to interested
> participants around the Internet. We then could have our snapshots in 20
> minutes instead of 5 days.
> Any ideas on this?

Actually the berkeley make has parallelising capabilities, and the NetBSD build
system can use it.
The problem is that it will start all commands on the same host.
We could either modify make to have it rsh the command to another host,
or change the various commands to execute on a pool of machine is a
round-robind fasion (sh wrapper would be enouth).
I think the first solution is the best, can if done rigth could even be
integrated back in the NetBSD make.
The only problem is that the source tree needs to be shared among all machines
(from a NFS server), so doing this over the whole internet is not a solution.

Manuel Bouyer <>