Subject: VME Bus Support on sun3/3x and mi changes
To: None <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/31/1999 12:25:50
Hi there

I have been having trouble getting a vme ie device to work on a 3/470. On
boot the driver must be screwing something up as I get a continuous
unclaimed interrupt on vect 0x75 (just where the device is configured).

I have two questions here.

1) Is anyone running a vme ie on a sun3 (pref. a sun3x arch)

2) We seem to have our own md vme support. Is anything being done to start
using the mi vme support that I guess was put in place by the port-sparc

I have also cross posted this to port sparc to find out if any sparc based
vme ie devices are working.



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