Subject: Sun3/E use
To: None <>
From: Ian Wells <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/18/1999 23:40:52
I have a Sun3/E-based system with a load of additional gubbins in.
It's supposed to run SunOS 3.5, but I can't get that or SunOS 4.1.1 to
install (I replaced the HDD since the old one seems to be faulty, so
it now needs a reinstall.  I get loads of messages along the lines of
'spurious level 2 interrupt'.  (While this is rather off-topic, if
anyone can give me any clues what might be causing this I'd be

So I thought I'd try NetBSD instead - somewhat annoying because the
custom hardware has custom SunOS 3.5 device drivers, but anyway...

I can get the first stage of the NetBSD install to work (from SCSI
QIC), but then I run into problems because neither the QIC nor disk
(also SCSI) are recognised.  (In fact, there are about seven devices
enumerated on the VME bus, but none are identified, which was somewhat
surprising - also in there is an SMD card and a Xylogics 1/2in tape
driver card, both of which had device drivers, I thought.)  I guess
this is because Sun3/E's have a different SCSI system to other Suns.
Is there a kernel available anywhere with this built in that I can use
for installation?

And since NetBSD runs on Sun3/E's, I assume there must be one or two
of you out there who have such systems.  I'd be interested in
comparing notes.