Subject: Re: Headless 3/80???? How?
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/04/1999 18:04:02
On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Michael Richardson wrote:

> >>>>> "NetBSD" == NetBSD Bob <> writes:
>     NetBSD> I am trying to resurrect my old Sun 3/80 box to run up on NetBSD.
>     NetBSD> The monitor is being used elsewhere, so I need to try to bring it
>     NetBSD> up headless on a VT-100 or WYSE-85 terminal in vt100 emulation
>     NetBSD> mode.
>     NetBSD> 1.  What needs to be done to bring up the 3/80 headless on a
>     NetBSD> serial console?
>   9600, 8, no parity, ttya.
>   The 3/60s have a switch Normal/Diag. When in Diag, it will try both
> consoles. I think that the 3/80s don't have this switch, but if you unplug
> the keyboard, I think that they will try ttya. I'm not certain about this,
> having never owned a 3/80.
>     NetBSD> 2.  What is the correct current or most usable sun3x port in
>     NetBSD> NetBSD, and where is it located.  I don't see a 1.4.1 or very
>     NetBSD> late snapshot anywhere.
I had problems with 3x in 1.4.1 but that may have been related to the
having a 3/470 rather than a 3/80. I usually run current as I have the
cache enabled (patches will be on gnats when I get around to it). 470's
suck really bad with out cache.

>   I thought that sun3/sun3x was integrated now? My 3/60s still run 1.2,
> since I don't use them much...

sun3 and 3x are integrated (when they're not broken :-)

Anyway while you are about it you could try a kernel at

It's off my 3/470 which is also 3x based. It has some cache code inside
but it should discover that you are running on a 3/80 and just work
anyway (tm)

It is current as of this weekend and has ipv6 enabled and a patch to fix

If you do decide to try it then let me know how you get on


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