Subject: Re: Sun3/80 "Unknown error; help!"
To: None <>
From: Gnea <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/19/1999 00:43:45
On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Marc Schneiders wrote:
> nfs_boot: hostname=diskless
> root on aperta:/export/diskless/root
> Segmentation fault -  core dumped
> Automatic reboot in progress: starting file system checks
> Segmentation fault - core dumped
> Unknown error; help!
> Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for shell

oh my.. heh, i think the 'ps' command seg faulted on me.. that was ever it.. i
have a 3/80 with 16 megs of ram and am attempting to use a 200 meg scsi-2 hd in
it.. haven't had much time for it as of late tho.. i don't have a monitor or
keyboard for the thing so i mess with the thing completely remote..

> Sep 18 20:22:49 init: can't exec for single user: No such file or
> 	directory
> /usr/bin/id: not found
> [: 0: unknown operand
> Don't login as root, use the su command
> diskless$

it almost looks as if there's an incorrect setup on the openbsd box...

> (Just for the record: I did not login as root, I did not have a chance to
> login. Fine, I do what the diskless-HOWTO says:)
> diskless$ mount /usr
> Segmentation fault - cored dumped
> diskless$ mount aperta:/export/diskless/usr /usr
> (This does the trick. Apparently /etc/fstab is not read?)

right. in order to mount things at this point in the game, you must do it
manually like you did.

> I have installed all tgz's from the snapshot of 990416 and the diskless3x
> kernel from snapshot 990518.

hrm, truely odd.. I think the versions i'm using are a bit newer than those
(from july/early august i believe) as I had some sort of problems with the older
versions (pardon me as i just woke up, my brain is in the fog, and i do not
remember the exact nature of the problems, suffice to say they pissed me off :) )
perhaps you should locate the latest versions of the kernel and filesystems and try
those out.. the 3/80 can be quite hairy at times and, from experience, newer
versions of kernels and whatnot tend to be less hairy than older versions (even
with a week's difference)

> What am I doing wrong? I have been thinking about the following:
> 1. Incorrect uid's? The server is running OpenBSD 2.5. I cannot get a
> decent reply from it about the tar version, so I installed tar 1.12 from
> the OpenBSD-packages just to be OK for sure. If I understand the HOWTO
> correctly this should work with uid's. 

personally, i've never used openbsd. i boot mine from a linux box. however i
just might have to install openbsd on one of these puters someday...

> 2. Is there a problem with the swap? Although I had the idea there was an
> error here in the HOWTO (file /export/client/swap next to a directory
> /export/client/root/swap (??), with both /etc/exports on server and
> /etc/fstab on client pointing to the file for swap), I did it exactly as
> there.

there shouldn't be, altho i'm not entirely sure why you have 2 swap files.. one
should be all you need and it shouldn't be located in the root directory on the
nfs server side or perhaps that wouldn't matter.. so have either
/export/client/swap OR /export/client/root/swap but not both.. might want to experiment with
both and see what you get..

> 3. Hardware problems?

i doubt that there is any real hardware problem in this case... it sounds more
like the nfs server is either incorrectly setup and/or the kernel and filesystem
are not quite up to snuff.. another thing to keep in mind: the sun 3/80 is
considered a sun3x machine, not a sun3 because of the difference of the cpu and
whatnot ( 68030 w/ 68882 as opposed to a 68020 w/ 68881) so probably the best advice
I can give you in this situation is to find the _latest_ 3x kernels and
filesystems and go from there.

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