Subject: Re: marketing NetBSD to the old SunOS crowd
To: David Brownlee <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/01/1999 15:10:59
> > How does one get a tape to properly work on those and still mount in
> > a 12 slot deskside case?
> > 
> 	Have you opened a PR on the problem with as much info as you can
> 	get? (Probably with a kernel with DEBUG, SCSI_DEBUG, and

Be a little more specific as to what all is needed and I will see
if I can roll up something.

What hardware configuration would you like me to try it on?
(sun3, sun4, MD controller or direct scsi, MT controller or direct
scsi, etc).

I would like to get either the sun3 3/260 up with MT controller
or sun4 4/260 up with MT controller (the 3/110 is currently on
Sunos 3.5 for some fortran porting, and the 4/110 is my web server).

What tapes do I need to roll from which snapshots or releases?
I noticed the sun3 seemed to be only at the May snapshot level?