Subject: Serial Printing Problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/01/1999 14:22:40
I am nearing my wits end with regard to setting up a serial port connection to
an HP DeskJet 550c on a Sun 3/60 running NetBSD 1.3.2, can anyone help?

I can print text files without any problems, however when I send a graphics file
generated by ghostscript it manages one raster line and then proceeds to print

 Here is my setup, any comments on this would be much appreciated.

1. Null Modem Cable Pin-out (4 wire)

     Sun 3/60       DeskJet
     TxD       2-->3     RxD
     RxD       3<--2     TxD
     SG        7---7     SG
     CTS       5<--20    DTR

2. Printer Switch Settings

     A1   down |
     A2   down |_   Default Character Set (PC-8)
     A3   down |
     A4   down |

     A5   down |_   Paper Size (A4)
     A6   up   |

     A7   down      Carriage Return Defn. (CR only)
     A8   down      Perforation Skip (On)

     B1   up        Text Scale Mode (66 lines/page)
     B2   down      RAM Cart. Defn. (Downloading)
     B3   down
     B4   down
     B5   down |_   Baud Rate (19200)
     B6   up   |

     B7   down |_   Parity (none)
     B8   down |

3. Printcap Entry

lp|dj|DeskJet 550c in raw mode:\


thanks in advance for any replies

Derry Birse