Subject: edlabel /dev/rsd0c .. problems :/
To: None <>
From: Gnea <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/20/1999 00:49:54
Ok, here's the skinny:  I am attempting to properly use edlabel on an
IBM WDS-3200 206 Meg SCSI-2 hard drive on a SUNN 3/80 with netbsd 1.4  I
wasn't able to properly figure out the proper values for everything, so
I took the drive out, stuck it in a Linux box, ran fdisk on it to create
a new SUN disklabel, and stuck it back in the 3/80.. I was about to
netboot just fine from the Linux box and used dd to copy the miniroot
over to the swap (/dev/rsd0b), break out, and b sd(0,10,1) it just
fine.. so basically, I guess I need an rsd0d or something like that and
I'm just not sure how to properly manifest it with edlabel, as there is
no good documentation for edlabel to be found anywhere.  I'll help out
here a bit by pasting the information from edlabel I currently have

# edlabel /dev/rsd0c
edlabel menu:
print   - display the current disk label
modify  - prompt for changes to the label
write   - write the new label to disk
quit    - terminate program
edlabel> p
        type_num: 4
        sub_type: 0
       type_name: WDS-3200      !
       pack_name: Linux custom cyl
    bytes/sector: 512
   sectors/track: 32
 tracks/cylinder: 64
       cylinders: 204
sectors/cylinder: 2048
partition      start         (c/t/s)      nblks         (c/t/s)  type

 a (root)          0       (0/00/00)     315392     (154/00/00)  4.2BSD
 b (swap)     315392     (154/00/00)     102400      (50/00/00)  swap
 c (disk)          0       (0/00/00)     417792     (204/00/00)  unknown
 d (user)          0       (0/00/00)          0       (0/00/00)  unused
 e (user)          0       (0/00/00)          0       (0/00/00)  unused
 f (user)          0       (0/00/00)          0       (0/00/00)  unused
 g (user)          0       (0/00/00)          0       (0/00/00)  unused
 h (user)          0       (0/00/00)          0       (0/00/00)  unused

Before I got to this point, i had * (stars) on the root (a) and disk (c)
partitions, indicating that the slices were not properly specified.  So
I suppose I need to find out exactly HOW to calculate the proper
cylinders/tracks/sectors for the rsd0d partition and plug them in so I
can write the information to the hard drive.. I am HOPING that this is
what I need to do because when I attempt to create a filesystem on
rsd0a, I get the following:

# newfs /dev/rsd0a
/dev/rsd0a:     315392 sectors in 154 cylinders of 64 tracks, 32 sectors

And it just sits there diddling it's thumbs forever and ever until i hit
control-c and it doesn't write the filesystem at all.. I even let it sit
there for 5 hours straight (played some quake 2 in the meantime to
releive the stress ;) ) and it STILL didn't budge... I've also tried the
-O option and that hasn't helped... it does this also within the
'install' script..  I can't get any farther into the installation until
this is fixed and I am really stumped here.. any help would be greatly
appreciated :)  In particular, perhaps some sort of formula to calculate
the precise number of cylinders/tracks/sectors ;)

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