Subject: Re: Bombing sun3 installs....Yikes!
To: BSD Bob <>
From: wb2oyc <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/30/1999 17:32:34
>It was kindly pointed out to me that there was an update snapshot
>that I needed to get that cured the problems.  Someone needs to
>post a reference note IN the NetBSD-1.4 tree to that effect....(:+}}...
>It would have saved a lot of midnight oil.

Oh yah, if you mean the note about the miniroot in the distribution
causing some problems, I forgot about that being part of the trouble
I ran into also!  I didn't see it at first either!  It wasn't until
I had ran into a brick wall once I got that far into it that I did
read the note that mentioned it...