Subject: Re: Bombing sun3 installs....Yikes!
To: wb2oyc <>
From: BSD Bob <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/30/1999 15:08:28
> >Who else is actually running sun3 hardware, these days, and what kind
> >of hardware is actually being run?
> >
> Bob,
> I recently did succeed with 1.4 on a Sun3/80.  It was a struggle, but
> most of that was me as much as anything, not knowing the hardware and
> problems getting my Linux box to act as the boot server, etc.
> Paul

It was kindly pointed out to me that there was an update snapshot
that I needed to get that cured the problems.  Someone needs to
post a reference note IN the NetBSD-1.4 tree to that effect....(:+}}...
It would have saved a lot of midnight oil.

I always load from tape, because most of my machines come up stand
alone.  Once I get the first one up, I will set up ftp installs.

Now, to roll an update tape before I go home, tonight.....

Thanks all!

Bob Keys