Subject: Bombing sun3 installs....Yikes!
To: None <>
From: BSD Bob <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/29/1999 10:01:51
OK, I get a strange feeling something is really, really amiss in the
sun3 tree in NetBSD, these days.  I can't put my finger on it, yet,
but 1.3.3 only partially boots, then panics on all my machines, and
1.4 won't get much past the boot blocks.  Machines are 3/110, 3/160,
3/260.  I have a  3/80, that I am trying to get re-nvrammed for a
test (it ran fine on 1.3.2(?), last time I had it up about 6mos back).

I did not capture the output of the panic on 1.3.3, but it froze and
aborted into the debugger.

On 1.4, the error message on the first boot was:

Invalid Page Bus Error:
   Vaddr:00800000, Paddr:00000000, Type 0, Write, FC 5,  Size 1 at 0x0FEF5E0E.

The same error occurred on all the machines after several tape cuts from
several downloads.   Thus, I can't attribute it to my downloading or tape

I vaguely remember accidently trying to boot my 3/80 tapeset on my 3/160,
and it gave me a very similar error.   That was several months back, but
it was due to trying to load the wrong binaries on the wrong machine.

Is there something strange about the 1.4 sun3 tree, or is it my machines?
They all run sunos 4.1.1 just fine.  I have a hard time accepting it is
just me.

Who else is actually running sun3 hardware, these days, and what kind
of hardware is actually being run?

Can someone point me to the cannonical archives of older sun3 ports?
I would like to try all of them, sequentially, and see where my
problems seem to have crept in.

Any insights are appreciated.  This is driving me up the wall.
I really, really did want NetBSD running on my old suns.


Bob Keys