Subject: What exact sun 3 series controller boards work?
To: None <>
From: BSD Bob <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/28/1999 11:22:38
Can anyone give me the exact part numbers of the correct controller
boards and sub-boards that are known to work in the sun3 port of NetBSD?
The 501-1236 is listed on the web page.  But, there seem to have been
several different ``si'' based controllers by 501-xxxx part number.

Also, what 500-xxxx revision levels on the actual controller multibus board
are known to work?

I am wondering if some of my controller problems on my sun 3 boxes are
due to board revisions, prom revisions, etc., or something strange like
that that I can't account for directly.

One other detail.  My controller boards were internal scsi controller
boards, but I cobbled together the dual internal/external carrier frames
so that they can run both the internal drive scsi bus and an external
drive scsi bus.  Is that likely to cause any problems (I would not expect
it to, since it works fine under SunOS).

Any insights are appreciated.


Bob Keys