Subject: Re: Booting a Sun 3/60
To: None <>
From: Kragen Sitaker <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/02/1999 08:28:23
I wrote:
> Is something wrong with my setup or my kernel?

In reading the NetBSD 1.4 documentation, I learn there is a program
called 'netboot' which the Sun's ROM should boot, which queries a
bootparamd to figure out where to get the real kernel.

The reason I wasn't doing this in the first place: on is a link to,
with no nearby documentation.  I assumed some amount of documentation
would be included.

I cannot find any files in the Xkernel-root tar file that look like
possible candidates.  There is no file called 'netboot', and all the
other files in the distribution appear to be either the NetBSD kernel,
text files, legitimate NetBSD executables, or a Berkeley DB file.

I should note that the "Netbooting NetBSD/sun3" document seems to be
missing, not only on, but also on,,, and  (I'm
using and
its corresponding URLs on other servers.)

The netbooting web page I get to by backspacing over 'intro.sun3.html'
says the sun3 document is 'coming soon'.

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