Subject: [fwd] Sun3/80 help needed..
To: None <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/01/1999 07:30:30

We're aware of the problem with and are working on

-- Rob

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Subject: Sun3/80 help needed..
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 99 14:02:11 -0400
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    Maybe you can help.  I wanted to send this to the Sun3 port list,
but can't find its actual email address since the stuff is
not accessible on the net (for the past two days at least).  Can you 
tell me what the email address actually is for that list, or better yet,
maybe you have some insight about my question.


Hi All,

	I'm trying to resurrect a Sun3/80 and was pleased to find out that
NetBSD 1.4 is a viable way to do that.  I have NetBSD running on several
old Mac's too since 1.2.

	But this old Sun has me boxed in at this point.  Bad NVRAM, so I dug
thru the archives and learned alot about what to do about it.  Have not
purchased a new chip yet, but if someone can tell me how to get past 
this current dilemma I'll have to do that.  At this point I don't know
if the hardware is actually good or not, here's why.  I'll leave it
powered up once I get it right, if I get it right.

	Power it up with the bad ID Prom info, and it goes into Autoboot
after bitching about the invalid ID Prom, and it issues a RARP for 
ethernet address 00:00:00:00:00:00.  I've captured this on another system
with tcpdump.

	So, I get the NVRAM help stuff from sunhelp, and it tells me what I
need to reprogram the NVRAM (is something missing there or did I not do
something I need to do)?--which I'm hoping is the case.

	After getting it right, and the reset (k 2) works and comes up 
properly (doesn't say ID Prom invalid), it goes into Auto boot, but then
it says this:  le: cannot initialize  and errors out.  It does not send
a single packet!  Nada.

	I then do 'x' and run the le loopback and so forth, and that passes,
and does send packets seen at my hub and the AUI to UTP adapter on the 
port.  It does not send a valid RARP request.  Nothing.

	Shut it down (power off) and then back on and it comes up with the
bad NVRAM of course, but it does then send a RARP with the ethernet
address of all zeros.

	What have I done wrong, or not done in setting up the NVRAM data
that might cause this?  Might the ethernet address written in two 
different places on the box not really be the address of the device on
the board?  Would that do this if that were actually not the correct
hardware address that I've entered into the NVRAM?

thanks for your help

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