Subject: Re: Internal drives in a 3/80
To: NetBSD port-sun3 mailing list <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/28/1999 18:40:03
Thanks to Andrew Walker and Magnus Gr|nlund for pointing out how to connect
up the drives.  However, I still can't install.  After writing the label to
the disk, the machine hangs for a while with :

  (esp0:0:0): selection failed ; 4 left in FIFO [intr 18, stat 13, step 4]

then times out twice before returning.  Next time round, there are no problems
reading the label, but the write stalls again.  If I put an HP 1080 drive in
instead of the Quantum 425, all is fine.

Could it be there is some funny interaction between the SCSI driver for the
3/80 (and for the Sun4c's) and older Quantum drives?  I ask because I had the
same error trying to get an IPC to talk to a Sun210 (Quantum manufactured)
and I could find nothing wrong with the termination there.  Does anyone have
a 3/80 or Sun4c working with multiple drives, one of which is an old Quantum?



PS.  cc'ed to port-sparc (the original query only went to port-sun3)
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