Subject: Re: Internal drives in a 3/80
To: Julian Coleman <>
From: Magnus Gr|nlund <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/28/1999 18:10:59
> How are internal disks conencted on a 3/80?  I have 2 mounting brackets, 2
> ex-HP Quantum 425's and 2 short SCSI leads and a strange 50-way through
> connector that was attached to one of the SCSI connectors on the motherboard.
> I've tried one drive to each motherboard connector, but that gives me
> 'esp0 selection failed' messages when the install tries to label a disk.  Is
> the correct way motherboard (1) -> drive (1) -> drive (2) -> motherboard (2)?
> This was the way that the HP drives were connected.  At the moment, neither
> of the drives are terminated - should either be?  Also, what is the 50-way
> through connector for?
The strange 50-way through connector is a SCSI-terminator.

The "correct" way to connect the drives would be:
motherboard (1) -> short SCSI lead ->  drive (1)
motherboard (2) -> short SCSI lead -> (terminator) -> drive (2)

Might look like it violates the SCSI spec's but if you read the fine print
it doesn't.