Subject: **now** I'm confused....
To: <>
From: TechSupp <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/04/1999 02:53:01
 Hiya list!

         Goodgrief....alright, I've got around most of the curley bits,
got rarp/tftpd & bootparamd doing the tango, got the 3/50 booting an
older netboot [one that comes with 1.3.2 seems spooked by md0], have
edlabelled the hdrive, and got to the stage of dd'ing the miniroot
across to /dev/rsd0b , BUT.....

   Okay...superfluous dross from bootparamd goes like this;]

[root@hyper /tftpboot]# rpc.bootparamd -d -r
whoami got question for
This is host
Returning xhost
getfile got question for "xhost" and file "root"
returning server:hyper path:/sun address:

..that's okay...weirder but none the less working, it also informs to
syslogd thus;

May  4 02:22:34 hyper tftpd[11241]: tftpd: trying to get file: C0A8010C
May  4 02:22:34 hyper tftpd[11241]: tftpd: serving file from /tftpboot
May  4 02:22:37 hyper mountd[286]: NFS mount of /sun attempted from$
May  4 02:22:37 hyper mountd[286]: /sun has been mounted by
May  4 02:25:20 hyper nfsd[295]: NFS request from
originated on insecure port, psychoanalysis suggested

Now...that last line is the result of trying to dd the miniroot across,
although the same error is generated by a plain  ls /mnt on the 3/50.
The interesting bit however, is if I do ls or try to dd the miniroot, I
get a 'permission denied' flag on the sun....which is kind-of weird I
thought, because the ramdisk_kernel (already booted by this stage) lives
in the same dir? 

On the serving box (the redhat), I get;

[root@hyper /sun]# ls -l
total 9048
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root      8388608 Apr 22 06:49 miniroot
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root       837481 May  3 20:54 netbsd

Hmmmm...I dunno. The nfs <dir> on the redhat is exported
(rw,no_root_squash), I can't see any permission duress on the redhat
machine, it just **seems** like the 3/50 doesn't believe it has rights
to the miniroot file, though why this is so is beyond my
observations..???>...miffed (^:<

I have no idea..the cmd fron the Sun side is a vanilla  mount -r /mnt, and it's happy to  ls  the mounted filesys and
show me the contents *except* the miniroot??...pffft!

     Any ideas/remedies greatly appreciated, elsewise I might take up
the syslog advice of some mental help B^)

    Thanks in advance,


ps: btw, earlier probs with bootparamd seem mooted in the bootparams
file itself,  and the fact that merely stating a /etc/exports of  root
(/) was not on...exact dir statements were necessary...