Subject: Re: netbooting sun3/50 (again)
To: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
From: TechSupp <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/29/1999 18:18:00
Miles Nordin wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, TechSupp wrote:
> > The nfs host machine is rh_linux-5.2,
> I think someone else already answered your first problem, but it's worth
> pointing out that:
>   (a) all versions of Linux NFS contain bugs that make running a Solaris,
>       NetBSD, or Linux diskless client unpredictable, difficult, or
>       sometimes just plain impossible.  I actually have a lot of
>       experience with this, which i'll be happy to email you about
>       later when you start running into these problems.
>   (b) the NFS server that ships with RedHat 5.2 is a single-threaded
>       userland program that you may feel performs unacceptably.  i do:
>       it can be as much as an order of magnitude slower than any other
>       NFS server on the planet, including NetBSD's NFS, the version of
>       NFS that Sun originally shipped in SunOS, any commercial UNIX's
>       NFS, or even Linux 2.2's knfsd.
> --

             Thanks for the feedback, I've popped a postit note at the
base of my monitor saying "phear this nfs!!" and signed with your email
address :) I can recall 2 years back I tried to run the 3/50 as a
diskless standalone, but as you point out, there are weird and
mysterious happenings which can dog such a setup...

  Ultimately, I ditched the whole idea and gave the 3/50 it's own
harddrive...which subsequently died a few months back and I'm only now
retracing the install steps...

  I seen to recall, once miniroot booted, that mounting the
nfs_filesystem required the passing of the -o resvport  option to get it
to work...would you happen to know if this is still the case? (but I've
yet to get to this of course ;)