Subject: Re: netbooting sun3/50 (again)
To: Gordon W. Ross <>
From: TechSupp <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/29/1999 18:06:13
"Gordon W. Ross" wrote:
> You need to run bootparamd (not the same as bootpd) on the server.
> TechSupp writes:
>  >   Anyhow, if I recall rightly, this is a new one on me....I'm attempting
>  > NFS installing, and the tftp'ing of the netboot program goes fine, but
>  > something's spooked the bootpd into this;
>  >
>  >   net_open: client addr:        <--this is right
>  >   netif_get: timeout; resetting
>  >   netif_get: timeout; resetting
>  >   netif_get: timeout; resetting
>  >   bootparamd: 'whoami' call failed
>  >   net_open: bootparam/whoami RPC failed
>  >   boot: netbsd: input/output error
>  >   boot:


        Ahhha....yes, that clanged some old bells...I grabbed a
bootparamd from .tsx. and have run it but get exactly the same response,
and the included debug program would seem to agree;

[root@hyper /]# callbootd hyper
Whoami returning:
Null answer!!!
Bad answer returned from server hyper

<sigh>....I have no trouble in figuring the problem here (I believe), no
doubt it's the syntax followed creating my /etc/bootparams file (roughly
following the example of my working bootptab), but unfortunately,
there's no succinct description of the /etc/bootparams included with the
archive I grabbed. I fear this is also ringing large bells in my head...

  Does anyone know of a fuller bootparamd archive containing this info
on bootparams, or a pointer to same?

    Thanks to all, appreciation in advance :)