Subject: netbooting sun3/50 (again)
To: None <>
From: TechSupp <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/29/1999 08:05:29
 Heya folks!

            Oh well, it's winter-time down here...and time for my annual
pilgrimage to netbsd on my old Sun3/50 ;) Every year, it seems to
present me with a new challenge, not least of which is grappling with my
memory of *last* year's effort...but also the fact my linux box seems to
evolve into something the 3/50~netbsd doesn't remember *either* over the
same time...<grin>...

  Anyhow, if I recall rightly, this is a new one on me....I'm attempting
NFS installing, and the tftp'ing of the netboot program goes fine, but
something's spooked the bootpd into this;

  net_open: client addr:        <--this is right
  netif_get: timeout; resetting
  netif_get: timeout; resetting
  netif_get: timeout; resetting
  bootparamd: 'whoami' call failed
  net_open: bootparam/whoami RPC failed
  boot: netbsd: input/output error

   Anyone? The nfs host machine is rh_linux-5.2,  the netbsd-rd kernel
is in both the tftp_root and the nfs_root (being renamed appropriately,
and in both places through attempts ;), the 3/50's credetials are in
/etc/hosts, /etc/exports, /etc/bootparams(bootptab)...and I'm more or
less sortta lost wondering what exactly the error message signifies I've
forgotten (^B

    Any clues muchly appreciated.