Subject: Sun 3/80 netbooting
To: None <>
From: Devin Ganger <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/07/1998 22:14:18
Hello, all.

I've got a couple of quick questions about the sun3x port of NetBSD, since
I'm a relative newcomer to NetBSD *and* the older Sun hardware.

I managed to pick up a SS2 and a Sun 3/80 from someone and I've found enough
memory for both.  I have NetBSD up and running on the SS2, and I was
planning on using that as the platform from which to netboot the 3/80.

As I understand it, all I should have to do is setup up the RARP server to
assign the correct IP address to the 3/80, and set up the contents of the
netboot directory on the FTP site to be accessible via TFTP.

My question comes from a strange error message I'm getting from the 3/80.
During its self-test, it displays

Selftest Completed.

        Sun Workstation, Model Sun-3/80 Series.
        Type-4 Keyboard.
        ROM Rev 2.9.2, 16MB memory installed
        ID PROM invalid.

and then it goes on to complain "ERROR: missing or invalid ID prom".  What
does this mean, and how do I fix it?

Is there a good place I can go to find more information on this machine, its
error messages, and possibly even some documentation for its boot monitor?
It seems that my box is setup to auto-boot, and I have no idea how to set
one of these older Suns to stop that sort of thing.

Sorry for the newbieness of the questions, and thanks in advance for any

Devin L. Ganger
"And Hell does not always look like Hell.  On a good day, it can look
a lot like L.A."    -- Dr. Eugene Sands, _Playing God_