Subject: Re: What are you using Sun3's for
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/07/1998 10:38:51
> I used my Sun 3/60 with its built-in bwtwo (i.e. hi-res 1600x1280)
> monochrome display daily for several years (until the machine konked
> out) as my primary workstation.  I now use a sparcstation-1 with a
> bwtwo frame buffer card (501-1419) and the same CRT.

You mean one of the monitors with a DB-9 connector?  Those are
electrically compatible with the 13W3 found on SS1 bwtwos?  You happen
to know the pinout required for an adapter, or somewhere to get
adapters pre-made?  I have some 1152x900 Sun-3 monitors sitting idle;
I'd love to be able to hook one up to my SS1+'s bwtwo.

(And incidentally, you mean you found a monitor capable of both
1600x1280 and 1152x900?  I thought the 1600x1280 monitors couldn't do
1152x900.  Maybe I'm confusing it with some other incompatability.)

> I think this display is the cat's meow for reading e-mail & news,
> programming, writing documentation, doing sys-admin, etc., etc., etc.

Me too.  Though I wish I could find a truly hi-res display.  (I don't
consider it hi-res until pixels are small enough that I can't readily
tell when a single pixel gets incorrectly turned on or off.  The
1600x1280 displays are medium-res to me - only about 100dpi.)

When I win the lottery :-), I'll get hold of a truly hi-res display, at
_least_ 300 dpi, preferably more (I've used 300dpi printers, and I can
still see single-pixel problems if I look.)

					der Mouse

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