Subject: Sun 3/80 without sd or st
To: '' <>
From: Ross Wolin <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/02/1998 00:59:46

I just acquired a Sun 3/80 without a hard disk or tape drive.

I am interested in running NetBSD on this machine,  and I'm going to be =
buying a 1G or more SCSI drive.

I have come up with a few schemes to get the generic kernel onto the =
machine including:
*Trying to network boot off the NFS server on my FreeBSD machine (a PC)
*Trying to borrow a SCSI tape drive to boot  from=20
*Trying to format the disk and copy the SunX kernel onto it using a PC =
running NetBSD

I was wondering if anyone had tried the third option, or if it wouldn't =
work because of differences in the file system or bit ordering?

I was also wondering if the second option would be viable, because I =
only have PCs available to make the tape (running NT, FreeBSD, and =

Ideally, if I could find someone in the Seattle area that has a Sun3X =
machine running NetBSD, I was hoping maybe I could convince them to =
format my drive and copy the generic kernel onto it so I could get =

Thanks for any help,