Subject: Re: netboot question
To: Brian <>
From: Gordon Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/02/1998 01:02:10
Brian wrote:
[...boot netbsd-rd, mount md0...]
> > Now the install program starts (this is where you get the FPU error).
> yep.
> >
> > With the install prompt you can configure your disks (with edlabel) then
> > initialise the le0 (with ifconfig), and mount the server directory where
> > the miniroot exists via NFS.
> I get no prompt.  It just sits their locked up.
> If I say "md0, none, ffs", it displays the welcome screen and leaves me
> with:
> To view this message again, type: cat /.welcome
> pid 3 killed: no floating point support

Oh... too bad.

> and it just hangs their.
> So my question to the list is:
> 1. Does the netbsd require your 3/50 to have an fpu?

It is not supposed to, but evidently it does.
I thought I was careful to make sure everything on
the ramdisk root was built with "cc -fsoft" so it
should run with no FPU, but something must have
slipped throught the cracks.  Maybe from libc?

Sorry about that.  Shoulda tested with a 3/50.

> 2. Did all 3/50's come with an FPU?
No.  Most did not.