Subject: Re: mousepad
To: Brian <>
From: Ethan Gold <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/01/1998 11:11:44
>I printed out that .ps file of a Sun3 mousepad, and it doesn't work for me
>at all.  Has anyone had any luck with it?  Also on the Sun3 Mouse there

the pad needs to be reflective. otherwise the light isn't
reflected in any meaningful way. Try crinkling up a piece
of tinfoil and then unfolding it and pressing it flat around
a piece of cardboard. The remaning marks in the tinfoil from
the initial crumpling should do the trick. make sure you
crumple it enough to get decent resolution.
I find that this works pretty well for vertical motion, but
not so well for horizontal on my type-4 mouse. fortunately
I've got a regular mousepad.


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