Subject: Re: Sun Type-3 Keyboard
To: Chris Conn <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/07/1998 14:31:35
> I have recently acquired a Type-3 keyboard to fit my Sun 3/260,
> however I do not have a mousepad for this beast.  Is there anyone out
> there that can help me find the proper grid size so I can get the
> mouse working?

Depends on which mouse you have.

As far as I know all the Sun keyboards and mice are electrically
compatible - if you find/make the appropriate converter, you can plug
any of them into any machine and they'll Just Work.  (If anyone knows
of a case where this isn't so, I'd like to be corrected.)  But your
mouse-pad needs to match your mouse, which does not necessarily need to
match be the kind that came with a type-3 keyboard.

On the assumption that it is, though, it's probably one of the old
coarse-resolution Mouse Systems mice.  (The mouse I'm using on the
system I'm typing this on is one; it's marked "MSC 901589-001/A",
"SN MSC CI80207", and "SUN 370-1091-01".)  The matching mouse pad is
the 11"x9" one, with a grid of about 25 lines to the inch.

Getting exactly the right pad may not be all that critical.  I've found
that mice will sometimes work with a not-quite-right pad, though the
greater the mismatch between the resolution of the lines on the pad and
the resolution the mouse expects, the less well they work together.

I notice the domain in your address is registered to a company in
Sherbrooke.  If you ever come by Montreal, let me know; I've got more
coarse-resolution mouse pads than I have functioning optical mice, and
would be happy to find a good home for one of my spares.

					der Mouse

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