Subject: Re: installtapes from linux - how???
To: marsmellow <>
From: Alfred Arnold <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/23/1998 20:47:10
Hi Martin,

what you have is probably a QIC-24 tape drive with an Emulex SCSI 
formatter board.  This combination was quite popular at the time
Sun/3s were popular.  Remember this drive maxes out at 60Mbytes
per cassette, so only use DC300 or DC600 cassettes (no DC6150 or
higher!).  Second, it is generally a good idea to clean the
drive's heads before you try to write something to it.  Even if
the head doesn't look dirty.  The write errors you experienced
should go away after that, given that your cassettes are still
in good condition :-)

Alfred Arnold

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