Subject: But the kernel doesn't boot (Was Re: CG4 on 3/80 works)
To: None <gwr@NetBSD.ORG>
From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/14/1998 21:37:30
    OK, I just sup'd ksrc from Jun-14, recompiled config, make, and then
config'd and rebuild a new kernel... upon boot I get:

Starting program at 0x4000
Error (PSR = 0x203) Bus Error:
   Vaddr:  30000000, Paddr: 00000000, Write, FC 3, Size 1 at 0x00004018

   The kernel compiled and linked just fine.  It didn't seem to puke any
compilation errors (though I didn't redirect the output to a file, will do so
if asked), and I didn't choose anything weird in the config - plain old vanilla
GENERIC3X.  Looks like something is wrong here.  Yesterdays sup would at least
boot and detect devices until it attempted to 'set the tty flags'.  All this
said, I've only sup'd ksrc current, and I'm running a 1.3 install from March. I
can't imagine any dependencies on 1.3.2 when compiling a kernel, but I thought
I might mention it.  

    Got some sup questions here: I'd like to sup up to _before_ these problems
occurred but I don't see anything in the man page to step back in the CVS tree.
Does the sup server only track current?  For that matter, can someone tell me
the difference between 'sup' and 'cvsup'?  I admit to complete cluelessness

   Finally, when I rebuilt make, install dropped it in /make.  That didn't look
right... but not a serious problem either.

Anyone else seeing this with ksrc current?
J. Maynard Gelinas

ps:  Not to be a heretic, but these five hour kernel compiles are getting on my
nerves.  If I want to cross compile from my x86 box is there any reason why I
should have to run NetBSD?  I've already got a Linux box going the way I like
it and would rather not have to scrap that just for a cross compiler.  The only
problem I can think of is getting config working under linux... anyone have
experience with this?

I previously wrote:
   Gordon, I sup'd up ksrc last night and have twice attempted to compile a
working kernel to no avail.  The compilation completes just fine but when I
boot the new kernel it gets up to 'setting tty flags' and then I get a
'watchdog reset!' and the system freezes (can't even L1-A the box).  My last
sup was so long ago that I decided to just grab the whole tree; think it was a
sup -adevz supfile, seemed like the right thing to do.  Are you running
-current from last night?  Have I done something horribly wrong, or is -current
simply broken?

    Also, I didn't see option UVM support in the GENERIC3X config file... do I
need to sup and rebuild config and make in order to get up and running? 
Thanks for everything!

> I just got the cg4 working on the 3/80.
> It should be in tomorrow's SUP.
> It turns out that the 3/80 has the Brooktree DAC
> wired up high-byte-only like the sparc.  Weird.
> Yet again, showing the SPARCstation1 colors of
> the odd-ball 3/80 box...