Subject: Re: CG4 on 3/80 works
To: None <gwr@NetBSD.ORG>
From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/14/1998 14:51:49
   Gordon, I sup'd up ksrc last night and have twice attempted to compile a
working kernel to no avail.  The compilation completes just fine but when I
boot the new kernel it gets up to 'setting tty flags' and then I get a
'watchdog reset!' and the system freezes (can't even L1-A the box).  My last
sup was so long ago that I decided to just grab the whole tree; think it was a
sup -adevz supfile, seemed like the right thing to do.  Are you running
-current from last night?  Have I done something horribly wrong, or is -current
simply broken?

    Also, I didn't see option UVM support in the GENERIC3X config file... do I
need to sup and rebuild config and make in order to get up and running? 
Thanks for everything!

> I just got the cg4 working on the 3/80.
> It should be in tomorrow's SUP.
> It turns out that the 3/80 has the Brooktree DAC
> wired up high-byte-only like the sparc.  Weird.
> Yet again, showing the SPARCstation1 colors of
> the odd-ball 3/80 box...