Subject: Re: problems with a 3/50 and ppp
To: bongert <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/13/1998 10:30:05
In message <v04011701b1a8414e0923@[]>, bongert writes:
>	I got the thing to dial the modem now, and it seems to connect, but
>then pppd quits, I get a prompt back, and all the lights go off on the
>modem (drops connection). This is what the end part of the connection looks
>like (from /var/adm/messages):
>	chat[221]: slip -- got it
>	chat[221]: send (ppp^M)
>	pppd[219]: Serian connection established
>	pppd[219]: Using interface ppp0
>	pppd[219]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttya
>	pppd[219]: Connection terminated
>	pppd[219]: Exit
>I noticed in the archives at someone else was having the same
>problems, but no one answered him, and when I emailed him about it, he
>couldn't remember for sure (it was a year and a half ago).

That would have been me.  I keep thinking that this was one of those driver
setting issues, where I needed to change a device, or set some bit in a
device configuration file, but my 3/60 has been out of service for a while,
and I can't find the drive I used to boot it from.  :(

But I had this, and when I had it, the only solution I could find was to
go to an amiga, running *exactly* the same version of -current, built from
the same sources - so I am inclined to suspect driver magic.