Subject: Re: Sun3/50 _&_ NetBSD-1.3.1
To: Hank <>
From: Db <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/30/1998 13:21:26
Hank wrote:

> > was.  I >believe< it works as I've been inside the rodent (as_per
> >Sun3 archives notes on this) to replace a deadLED and such...and it appears OK
> >(certainly, both LEDs light now ;)
> UT OH!  on a sun3 only one led should light!  the other led is infrared,
> and should be invisiable to the naked eye!.  If one led is red, and the
> other is not you should be okay.
> This might be what you ment to say, but from your post it sounds like you
> did the wrong thing, which could be very bad.

Sorry for the confusion  ;^/ I tried to save a paragraph, and used the word
'light'in a figurative sense, not a visual one. In the original  instance, the
LED was going, but I ascertained the IR_LED  was  *not* working  by using an
IR_Detector cell.  So after replacing the  IR_ LED & a resistor and rechecking
it was OK,  I was left with my comment   _certainly, both LEDs light now_ but I
didn't point out that I was talking both visible & invisible (which I wasn't
...more  a case of   light = running  :)

> This does not explain why the mouse isn't appearing to the x server at
> all.  (though you seem to have got help from that)

yep....the install_kernel  is  blind to mice :)