Subject: Re: Sun3/50 & install_kernel
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Db <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/28/1998 10:48:35
David Brownlee wrote:

>         How are you trying to install?

..with lots of coffee and frustration...

>         Does
>         help at all?

No...not specifically. In fact...the only mention about the sun3/50 specific
install kernel, just says that it's *there*, and to use that instead. up to us. To caveat this whole meandering, remember that the 3/50
here is bog_standard @ 4Mb with a 170Mb quantum Hdrive (and finding a
mem_expansion here in .au is like pushing the proverbial this is
unlikely to change ;) ...and the server box for the NFS install is running

  When I tried to install netbsd-1.2...the install program would fluffout,
either because the miniroot scripting didn't specify mount with    -o
resvport   or something else weird because when the script gets to examining
the NFS_mounted directory holding the install was saying there
WASN'T any in that directory, even though I would then break the install
process and do it all manually...which worked....but AFTER you did this, then
the reported sets that weren't there....would suddenly appear
magically.....acts more like an update_installation script than a
virgin_install one if I look at that.

   Anyhow, I'd break the install script, do all the NFS mounting and
untarring of the sets, undo all my mounting (found to confuse miniroot no end
if you forget this bit  ;^), then break from that shell returning control to
the miniroot install which would I understand it....copy the
kernel that's packed into the miniroot image, and finish it off nicely and
leave me a booting sun3/50 with netbsd-1.2. This unfortunately doesn't work
using the netbsd-1.3/.1 miniroot for the same reasons the install kernel was
provided. Eerie stuff...

                Having reread the install docs mentioned above, maybe I'm to
read supposition into the >manual< upgrade process, substituting the install
kernel in that equation to meet an end.....I'll try it and see...




>                   -=-  Maybe god will cover up his eyes  -=-

(I hope so)